You deserve to have

more than a great doctor.

That’s why we devote an entire medical & scientific team to you.

Comprehensive Medicine

Our doctors work with our scientific team to create customized science-based treatment plans that aim to reverse and heal chronic illness.

Scientific Laboratory

Our scientists utilize our extensive in-house laboratory to run rigorous state-of-the-art tests that provide precise diagnostics.

Immune Boosting

We utilize comprehensive medical approaches that bolster the patient’s own disease fighting systems.


Immunotherapy is a new cutting-edge cancer treatment that leverages the cancer patient’s own immune system to fight the cancer. There are three main types of Immunotherapy – cancer vaccines, checkpoint inhibitors &cytokines.


This therapy removes the T-cells from the patients white blood cells, then reengineers them in the lab to recognize and then attack cancer cells. The cells are then injected into the patient to serve as cancer fighting soldiers.


Surgery can sometimes be necessary to remove diseased tissue. Our accredited surgery center is attached to our medical office and laboratory. Our facility features state-of-the-art surgical technology to ensure optimal outcomes and safety. 

Healing and saving lives.

We have assembled a group of world-class medical and scientific professionals who provide a team approach to patient care, with the focus of eradicating disease and/or chronic illness through advance diagnostic testing, combined with customize treatment plans that attack the disease while strengthening the immune system – so it can effectively support the treatment therapies.


Conditions We Treat

We treat chronic medical conditions utilizing science based medicine with complimentary therapies, blended into an effective customize treatment plan.

In addition to pharmaceutical treatments, our team ensures that our patients immune system is strengthened with various effective therapies.

Cancer patients come to Seraph Medical from all over the world for our expertise in creating customized treatment plans that attack the disease and bolster the body’s own immune system.

While we work to eradicate disease, and/or chronic illness, we simultaneously focus on strengthening the body’s own immune system. This is central to how we approach treating chronic

Once our medical and scientific team has effectively treated the chronic medical condition, we then create a customize wellness plan to keep our patients healthy.

Seraph Medical provides a comprehensive team approach to arresting and healing chronic medical conditions.